We have the best range of choices in education for today’s children who face new challenges in a rapidly changing world. We welcome you for a candid discussion to address all your queries as well as prevalent myths surrounding international curriculum and methodology. Our educational consultants will guide you as to the best choice for your child. We are futuristic in our approach and provide a holistic education looking beyond rote learning and mere academic emphasis to help transform a child into a good human being and well-adjusted member of society.


We aim at providing a world-class environment where all stakeholders feel happy and secure, have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to be confident, lifelong learners and which provides them with the 3E’s – Extraordinary Education, Extraordinary Exposure & Extraordinary Experience to flourish and grow as engaged, responsible citizens of the world.


We facilitate a safe, friendly and constructive school climate for our stakeholders, where they can be themselves and openly express their opinions, where they feel secure and learn to live virtuously. We believe that every child is unique and that children learn better when they are in a happy state of mind. Our learning engagements are designed to focus on developing skills that are required to become confident, lifelong learners to face the future. Integration of academic knowledge and skills across different scholastic and co-scholastic disciplines makes sure every learning leads to meaningful action.


Going beyond the curriculum, we believe in nurturing our students’ individual talents in Arts & Crafts, Music, Drama, Dance and Sports. It allows students to set skill-based goals in multiple areas. The holistic development of a child is at the centre of our educational philosophy. Accordingly, various activities and events are conducted in school from time to time. House, inter-house and inter-school competitions are some platforms for students to exhibit their learnings and skills. Students are also involved in various community service activities.

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“TIPS, Dindigul is doing a wonderful job in molding our child’s dreams.

Hi, This is Ar. P. Jegan and A.P.Anitha parent of Agara (Grade IV). She started her journey with this School during the last week of November 2021. From day one, she is super happy and excited about attending her offline and online classes.  The efforts taken by TIPS, Dindigul are commendable in providing her an environment to improve knowledge and skills in academics, co-curricular and sports activities with the guidance of talented teachers.

TIPS, Dindigul is following a great culture, and we are excited that Agara. J is very active in doing her homework, subject enrichment activities, learning music and dance, participating in Talent Pursuit activities conducted every month. She loves to spend time with her teachers, friends, and in the library at school.

Thank you TIPS, Dindigul for encouraging our child in all her efforts to excel in her life. We are hopeful that, she is in right place to achieve her dreams in life. Looking forward to a successful journey as a proud partner in achieving our child’s goals.

Fantabulous! Way to go TIPS Dindigul!”

Thank you.

Warm Regards,
Ar. Jegan Palanichamy., B.Arch., M.Arch(Gen)., AIIA.,
Regional Director
BNI Dindigul

“The teachers are professional, friendly and caring. My son was shy to sing in front of friends and family but with his teachers encouragement he has now overcome it and enjoy singing as well.

He participates in activities, talent pursuits and enjoy being a part of it. Apart from academics they develop my son in co-curricular activities like singing, dancing and robotics.

The academic program is amazing. The teachers are great about sharing moments of pride they see within my child.

We feel so grateful to be a part of TIPS family!”

–  I am parent of Sai Harshil S.P of grade 4.

“Our experience at TIPS has been exceptional. The teachers are truly invested in my children’s education and their growth as learners. Adjustments are made as needed to meet the needs of the student. Small class sizes and leveled learning have enabled my children to gain confidence in their learning abilities.Well qualified teachers handhold the kids in every step of their learning. Be it a Primary school kid or Middle School student, the teachers have their own way of dealing with them and imparting an interest to study.

The administration is open minded and thinks outside the box to make a successful educational experience for the students.They not only teach lessons,but also Values, communication and leadership skills and many extracurricular activities enabling the children an all round development.

TIPS Brings out the best in every child by tapping into their individual strengths, while creating an environment of kindness and responsibility.

If you want to give your child(ren) a stellar education while they are nurtured to be their best, most confident selves then I recommend you to seek out this school.”

–  I am parent of Aaradhya Prabhu, Class V and Virat Prabhu, Class I.


I’m Monisha Manojkummar parent of Krisha Yazhini (KG1). As a parent, Education is an integral part of our child’s life and the curriculum of TIPS went along with our thought process.

She has been associated with TIPS since July 2021.
It gives us immense pleasure to mention that our association with TIPS has been a satisfying experience with several fun filled memories. The online virtual classes were held in a best possible manner with a great personal attention and proper timetable that includes academics as well as extracurricular activities.

TIPS Dindigul is the very first school in the city who took the great initiative to start up the physical classes for the KG students ,an important step in a crucial time. When she started going to school we observed her English communication and personality has improved substantially. We appreciate all the support given to her by the teaching and non-teaching staff which made her to feel, school is her second home.

I am really impressed with their sports day and annual day activities.
The efforts taken by the management is commendable.

We attribute this overall development of krisha to the love, care and coaching she received at TIPS. Krisha loves and enjoys coming to school which we believe is one of the key successes of the teachers and TIPS team which has worked positively towards making the child comfortable, this being her very first school experience.

The management is a parent friendly one where our suggestions and opinions are respected and brought into action. The management is always reachable for any queries.

The Aatral foundation developed by the chairman for the cause of the development of unprivileged government school is a great perspective not every institute have the thought of doing so and a much needed one during this pandemic era. We hope such moral values will be inculcated in students mind and help them to grow as a person of charity.

We wholeheartedly thank TIPS for choosing Dindigul as one of their branches. We wish them a very great forth coming academic year. We are in full swing and geared up for the next academic year to grow along with TIPS DGL.”

Thank you,

Monisha Manojkummar. Parent of Krisha Yazhini, KG2.


This is a parent of ISHAAN D writing to share my happiness and contentment with your school. One of the best schools in Dindigul. TIPS is an amazing school with a wonderful and extremely understanding team and teachers. TIPS has a very supportive management team as well. I am very happy and proud to be part of the TIPS family. My son has made a lot of progress and his learning curve is excellent.

A special thanking note to MS. Rajarajeswari and all other staffs for being such understanding, approachable and amazing home room teachers. It has been a wonderful journey in TIPS. The Indian public school, Dindigul is filled with opportunities to learn, to grow, make friends and enjoy the goodness of school life. I sincerely appreciate from the bottom of my heart for the hardwork and dedication put by the teachers and all other staffs.”

– Rashmi & Divendran , Parents of Ishaan D, Grade 2.

“We as parents of Aakif , happy to have admitted him in best-in-class School like this. It has very good Infrastructure and practices best learning standards.
Especially, they have better teaching methodologies with worksheets and creative activities and assignments there by nourishing the overall development of the children.
We could really see a positive change and focus in our child both towards Academics and Extracurricular Activities.
So, with open mind, we congratulate and appreciate the Management, Teachers and Staffs for their Commitment and Holistic work to impart quality education and Values to their Students.”

– Parents of Aakif, Grade 8

“It is real pleasure to write about our experience with “the indian public school, dindigul. We joined our daughter l.pranava aarusha here recently only. We still remember the warm welcome we received during her admission. Being both doctors we had difficulty in concentrating in our daughter’s academic activities. But we are happy with her academic activities lately. Teachers are so cooperative and polite. Every suggestion from our side is always welcomed and implemented. Teachers are putting their best efforts to make children understanding the concepts. Teachers deserve a loud applause for managing these sweet little demons. Tips is providing good and quality education to the students which is very helpful for overall development of little minds. We express our gratitude to entire school administration and faculties for providing better environment. I hope in the coming days tips will flourish further and touch the peak of excellence in field of education.”

With love parents of Pranava Arusha – Grade 1
Dr.I. Lalith kumar mbbs ms ortho ( govt dindigul medical college hospital)
Dr. K. Sevanthu preethiga mbbs ms surgery ( govt dindigul medical college hospital)

“We as parents are very happy with the school. In just a few days we saw noticeable improvements in our daughter. We can see her excitement every day for going to school. The teachers are friendly and activities conducted by them are fun loving. Supporting staff is also helpful. As a parent, I am happy to see my child doing good in studies and extra-curricular activities. lam impressed with your curriculum and teaching methods which is different from other schools. Well planned worksheets for practice makes my child think beyond prescribed Textbooks. I like to take this privilege to congratulate the management of the School for its endless efforts.”

– Parents of SASTIKA – GRADE 1

“We are thrilled to see our little one being moulded into a beautiful human.

We are quite content with the approach followed in the knowledge transfer that happens day in and day out. We appreciate that teaching goes beyond the curriculum, and learning is happening through the co-curricular activities as well. The efforts put in by the teachers are well received by the students. The methodical work is quite clear from the worksheets that are sent regularly. They are meticulously planned to sustain the Interests of the children.

We would like to furthermore appreciate the administration and the management for their untiring efforts.
We wish success to all the little ones and the hands that sculpt them.”

– Parents of Sri (Grade 1).

“We are parents of Yavanika, III A

We feel that my decision was right in sending my child to The Indian Public School.

We as parents are extremely happy with the kind of activities organised in school for children’s physical, social and intellectual development. The child is progressing well academically. Different teaching and learning style makes learning a fun for my child. Her confidence has boosted up a lot. We are very satisfied. Our child always gets ample opportunities to explore and progress in all aspects.

We wish a great success to The Indian publics School.”

Anna University
Asst. Professor, G.T.N. Arts College

The Times Business Awards 2023

Applauding Business Icons, Strong Leaders, Visionary Influencers, Professionals who have shown excellence in their field and leading business houses across various sectors.

We are proud to announce that TIPS Dindigul was presented with the Excellence in Education Award by the Times Group. We take this opportunity to thank all our parents and staff who believed in us and gave us continuous support.