The students have the main subjects studied at the primary level along with an additional language. Subjects offered include

  • English
  • Second Language: (Hindi)
  • Third Language: (Tamil, French)
  • Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology – combined)
  • Social Studies(History, Civics and Geography-combined)
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

The students are also encouraged to learn through experimentation and practical activities, and the curriculum is based on team work. The basic concepts of Math and Science are taught through activities in Math and Science labs. Projects, ICT enabled learning, mark this phase of studies.


Formative and Summative tests are done to evaluate the child’s academic performance at this stage. The academic calendar is divided into two terms with Unit Tests and Term examination at the end of the two semesters.

Internal Assessments are part of the curriculum and are done to regularly assess the performance of the students in academics that includes class tests, projects and assignments, conduct, participation in the indoor/outdoor activities. These are included during the finals and the promotions will depend on the overall performance of the student in the exams, and internal assessments. Regularity to school is as important as scoring high grades in academics.